How to Make Hand Sanitizer at Home


Did you know hand sanitizer gel that actually works is easy to make at home? 

Hand sanitizers are relatively cheap to buy, but you might still want to make it at home if you are fussy about the ingredients going into it. 

The first important question is which ingredient is the best for sanitizing and how much it should be used. Ethyl Alcohol, also known as Ethanol is commonly used, and over 60% concentration makes the hand sanitizer effective and over 70% makes it hospital grade. However, Ethanol can dry your skin and you will need additional ingredients to offset the dryness. When you look for Ethanol, look for "undenatured 100% strength". Denatured Ethanol is NOT good for your skin.

Isopropyl Alcohol, on the other hand, has the same effect as Ethanol but also a better solution for disinfecting skin. It is also doesn't dry your skin as much as Ethanol does. You will find Isopropyl Alcohol is easier to purchase than Ethanol.

Another ingredient you would want to add is moisturizer. Vegetable glycerin is probably the best option because it is natural and widely available. 

Our recipe uses Xanthan Gum to make the sanitizer jelled, and no polymer or other chemical required. You can also use fragrance oil or essential oil to give a smell you like. 

Enjoy making your own hand sanitizer! 


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