30 Days Guarantee

Vegan Friendly

Kind to Skin & Hair

No Bottles, No Containers

TSA Compliant

Compostable Package


Healthy looking skin & hair, convenience, sustainability, no maintenance...

‟ You Can Have It All ”

Air travel, long holiday, camping... no problem!

No more leaking shampoo or a slimy soap bar in your bag.

Packing toiletries has never been so easy

No Mess, No Fuss, More Time for Adventures
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★ 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Because return shipping creates extra carbon emissions, you don't need to return products to us if the order was under AU$15. We will happily refund the price of our products. Just let us know why you were unhappy within 30 days so we can serve you better next time.

★ Save Money & Time

Not only eliminate plastics, but single-use tablets also remove the need for soap holders, waterproof bags, soap mitts, and all other items. You don't need accessories to use our products. Save money on extras and save time on ongoing maintenance.

★ Designed To Be Zero-Waste By Default

Packed in home compostable wraps and 100% recyclable paper boxes. This means it's easy to dispose of packages anywhere. All materials used for shipping are also 100% recyclable paper. You also don't need to waste shampoo left at the bottom of a bottle or a small piece of bars.

★ Biodegradable & Multi-purpose

We choose ingredients not only for your safety but also for other species living with us. You can use body wash tablets for dishwashing, shampoo tablets for laundry, and conditioners for shaving. *When you camp, please dispose of wastewater away from natural water sources.

No compromise!

Look after your body and hair well on the go

We don't just make single-use toiletries. We make them perform the best for your skin and hair!

Long Lasting Silky Touch

Luxury Formulation & Variations
What's in Shower Balls?

All you need is a tablet

No bottles, no soap holders, no accessories!

Ditch your shower clutter for good

Eliminate Waste Totally, Don't Reduce it
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❝ It's our mission to send zero plastic from our bathroom to the environment.❞

We ask no extra maintenance to you to achieve this.

Darcie D

Absolutely love these shampoo balls! They're so handy for travel and I love how eco-friendly and sustainable the product is. Highly recommend!

Andrew P

Simply so user friendly. From opening the product up to using these incredible balls. We love them!!! In particular when you add water to them they break apart so softly and gently. Also the smell and texture of them really massage the skin nicely. Would recommend this product in a heartbeat.


Product works really well! Totally did the job as standard shampoo/conditioner if not even better! PLUS! They're eco friendly.

Mary C

I love that I can pack so much lighter without forgoing my favourite body and hair cleansing essentials. No more bulky heavy and environmentally unfriendly bottles. Love this product.

Let your guests have choices for their skin and hair types

Looking for sustainable toiletries for your guests?

Save Time and Cost

No More Cleaning & Refilling Bottles

For Guest Bathroom

Be a part of the solution to our environment

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