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Why Shower Balls are more sustainable option than others?

  • Eliminate the need for additional storage and extra accessories. Think of soap bars, you need a soap dish, a container for traveling, and a soap mitt so that you can use small bars.
  • Our packaging does not need additional recycling or collection cycle. No extra emissions after you used them.
  • Reduce emissions during transport with less weight and volume
  • Significantly less heating process is required during production. This means much less energy is used.

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Q: Why do we need storage? A: We don't need storage for single-use items.

Q: Why do we need many additions such as preservatives and stabilizer? A: We don't need them for waterless products that are not kept in a wet area.

Q: Do we need many products? A: High performing products can clean, moisturize, and protect the skin and hair. Just one products can provide so much. Good for your wallet and the environment.

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