Sustainability Plan & Action

Sustainability is a big topic, and there is a lot to do. We are always searching for better ways to deliver our products and services as we see new technologies, materials, and systems come up all the time. While we need to act quickly on climate change issues, it is exciting to see people working hard to tackle these challenges. Our approach is to be open-minded and flexible to the changes. For example, we are currently plastic-free. But who knows, plastics may no longer be a problem in the future. Clean water is getting scarce, and we should save water. But this may not be a problem in the future. So, we carefully look at all the things going into our products including how you use and dispose of our products, then choose the most sustainable option at that time. We keep updating what we currently do and where we want to go here.

We Make & Deliver without Plastic

Plastic Free

Inner Package

  • Home compostable and renewable Cellulose film
  • USDCA, TUA, AS55810-2010, PEFC, FSC   

Outer Package

  • 100% recyclable paper
  • Non-toxic printing ink  

Shipping Box

  • Recycled cardboard
  • Kraft paper tape (recyclable with cardboard box)
  • No thermal shipping label

Carbon Footprint


We use Australia Post and Sandle, who are committed to carbon-neutral parcel delivery,
to ship your orders.   


Heating ingredients during production produces the biggest portion of carbon emissions. We formulate and produce our products with a minimum heating process.

Carbon Handprint

Additional Carbon Reductions

  • Our products are waterless and have less volume and weight. This means fewer carbon footprints to make and ship to you
  • Our packaging is home-compostable and recyclable via the current kerbside collection service. No one needs to pay for extra services
  • Our products do not require accessories such as a soap dish, container, or soap mitt. You reduce more items in your bathroom

Make Decisions with Facts

Our Palm Oil Statement

We are NOT Palm-Free

Deforestation to grow more oil palms indeed causes severe damage to nature. However, totally rejecting palm oil is not the solution. We follow the guideline from WWF and United Nations.

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Cruelty Free ?

Our products are VEGAN and NOT TESTED ON ANIMAL.

However, our real goal is to be truly "cruelty-free".

Cruelty-Free is not only about animal testing

What about the animals and insects killed in the process to grow crops for cosmetics? What about marine animals that struggled with microplastics? What about child labor used to process ingredients?

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