About Us

As a mother and nature lover, I feel environmental issues are getting urgent for all of us to take actions so that we can pass safe living place to our next generation. The problem is not only about plastic wastes, but also many others such as food waste, deforestation, air pollution, carbon emissions, water pollution...the list goes on. It is not a simple and easy topic to discuss. 

However, I strongly believe if all of us start making a small change one at a time, it will be a big change in some years. It is same as several plastic bags per person every day created a massive problem over the years. 

Shower Balls were created to eliminate the needs of plastic packaging for personal care products without compromising the performance and ease of use. You may already know that solid products are more sustainable and eco-friendlier than liquid products. But many of you still prefer liquid products because adjusting to new routine takes a bit of effort and time. And solid toiletries are believed to be difficult to use…well, until now!

Shower Balls are just the beginning of our project and we at cooleeme will keep looking for better ways for both environment and our customers. Only “sustainable” or “convenient” is not good enough anymore. We strive to deliver both in one.


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I'm also a firm believer that everyone including adults should express own creativity freely with no judgement. I came up with this single-use size toiletries to solve some issues with solid bars such as difficulty to use when they get small. It was my everyday experience telling me that solid bars aren't easy to use until the end. You might have found “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” products that are not good enough in your real life. Contact us to start discussing about what we can do. This is our environment and our community. Make it the best together!