5 Ways to Minimize Your Makeup Routine


Even if you don’t have little kids, you have to get a lot of things done in a limited time every morning. Makeup is one of things that you could take a long time but need to minimize. So, how can you reduce your makeup time without compromising the finish?

1. Healthy lifestyle: It is not a quick solution, but for a long term. Good sleep, balanced healthy diet, and some exercise to take care yourself. The better you naturally look, the less you have to cover up. I’ve seen many people take a range of supplement everyday without knowing what and how much they need. I suggest monitoring your eating habit and knowing how much protein, minerals, and vitamins you are taking daily. Then, add only the amount you need to make up ideal daily intake for each nutrient. The diagram below, Mineral Wheel, shows that an excess of a mineral present at the tail of an arrow will interfere with the absorption or metabolism of the mineral present at the head of the same arrow.

mineral wheel
2. Skincare: Healthy skin will save you time when applying makeup. Cleaning, moisturizing, and UV protection are the must.
3. Organize: If you love trying new makeup, you may have a collection of products you don’t use often. Go through what makeup products you have and see which ones you use every day. You may have some for special occasions, but you may also have products you haven’t used or already expired. After decluttering your makeup, organize them well so that you don’t spend time to look for each item.
4. Downsize makeup: Look for multi-tasking products. For example, you can use tinted moisturizer that also have UV protection. Use single product like Watercolour Blusher or color palette for lip, eyes, and cheeks.
5. Work on eyes first: While you are working on your eyes, you will touch your face where you already applied makeup. This means you will need to go back and clean up or fix the mess. So, Do your eye makeup first then rest of your face.
eye makeup

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