5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Reusable Makeup Pads


   Reusable Makeup Pads


Although quick and convenient, disposable makeup wipes are seriously damaging to our environment, our skin, and our pockets. This is why more and more people are switching to an eco-friendly, cost-saving alternative that is reusable makeup pads… and they are taking the beauty industry by storm!


They Save You Money in the Long Run

It is estimated that over a three year period, the average person uses over 4,000 cotton pads, and with each 40 pack-packet costing on average $1.50, that's a cost of $150! Not to mention makeup wipes, which cost an average of $5-8. In one makeup removing session, you might use 2-3 wipes - the cost soon mounts up. 

But switching to reusable makeup pads eliminates the need for constant repurchasing and the majority of them can last for over a thousand washes. Although they might have a higher initial upfront cost, you’ll only need to purchase them once, and they’ll last you years.


They Are Much Better for the Environment

As well as being super cost-effective, reusable makeup pads are much better for the environment than disposable, single use pads, as they reduce waste. 

In fact, studies show that 20 million+ makeup wipes a day are being thrown into the garbage bin, making makeup wipes the third most wasteful product in the world. What’s worse, makeup wipes aren’t recyclable or compostable, with the average makeup wipe taking an astonishing 100 years to break down. It’s also worth mentioning that disposable makeup wipes & cotton pads come wrapped in single-use plastic which cannot be recycled. 

What's more, when flushed down the toilet, makeup wipes end up clogging up our sewage systems and cause 75% of sewage blockages. In the short space of two years, the Sydney wastewater system had to remove 1000 tonnes of wipes. 

From a sustainability point, the fibres found in these wipes can also contaminate oceans and water sources since they are unable to naturally break down. In addition to the wipe material, the ingredients in some makeup wipes can also bioaccumulate in our environment. 

All in all, switching to reusable makeup pads is a great way to reduce the volume of waste regularly coming out of your household, and massively helps reduce environmental pollution. But not only this, they are also better for our health too, which brings us onto our next point…


They Are Better for You

Did you know that makeup wipes are actually the culprit of many acne breakouts and allergic reactions? This is because they are full of nasty ingredients and harsh chemicals that can be damaging to your skin and end up stinging and irritating you. 

Disposable makeup wipes don’t actually clean your skin well either and can in fact spread bacteria around your face, leading to breakouts. 

Reusable makeup pads are hypoallergenic, super soft and free from harmful ingredients and plastics, giving your skin the care it needs. You can also rinse the dirt off the pad with warm water and use it again, unlike single-use wipes.


   Switching to reusable pads


You’ll Never Run Out

Another great thing about reusable pads is that they will never run out, which is especially handy if you’re travelling. Once used, simply give it a clean, and it’s good to go again! Gone are the days where you’re sleeping in your makeup, or frantically searching for tissues after using your last disposable wipe. 

Reusable makeup pads also usually come in a pack of 5-10, meaning you will always have some clean and ready for use while the others are in the wash.


They Don’t Take Up Much Space

Last but not least, reusable makeup pads are super lightweight and take up much less space than bulky makeup wipes or a 40-pack of cotton pads. Again, this is great if travelling as you don’t want to be lugging around a heap of makeup wipes, taking up valuable space in your bag.


How to Care For Your Reusable Makeup Pads

Here are a few of our top tips for looking after your reusable makeup pads and ensuring you get maximum use out of them. 

  • Place your makeup pads in a mesh laundry bag and pop it on a warm wash with your other laundry.
  • Avoid using fabric softener or bleach. Instead, use a gentle detergent.
  • If the pads are stained (usually by tough mascara), soak the pads in warm water and soap before popping them in the washing machine. This will reduce the chance of your pads getting stained permanently by your makeup.
  • Once washed, lie them out flat and leave them to dry naturally. 


Written by Kate on behalf of Cheeky Wipes Australia, award winning suppliers of reusable pads & wipes.

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