How to Make Personalized Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles


Have you ever bought empty storage jars or pump bottles while you could re-purpose used ones? There are many pretty bottles in shops, but did you know you can make them yourself?

Your own design can be transferred onto the surface of any material, and it surprisingly looks professionally made. It is waterproof and permanent.

The cost? It depends on the size but would be less than a dollar each most likely.

Let me show you how to transfer your own design permanently.


Things to prepare:

  • Clear Waterslide Decal Paper (either Inkjet or LaserJet)

If you could find LaserJet printer compatible decal paper, this would be easier for you. But, make sure you have a LaserJet printer! There is another type of image transferrable sheet, vinyl decal, but waterslide decal gives a better result and last longer.

  • Clear Acrylic Spray Paint (only if your printer is inkjet)


How to transfer the image

1. Make your own design: You can use Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, or any software to make your own design. Make sure the background color is transparent. Usually, waterslide decal paper is made in A4 size. Make sure your design will be printed in the size you want.

print image

2. Print your design on Waterslide Decal Paper: Follow the instruction provided for the waterslide decal paper

3. Coat the design with Clear Paint (skip this if you printed with a LaserJet printer): If you printed with an inkjet printer, you need to coat the printed side with Clear Acrylic Spray Paint. I suggest give 3 coats with 30 minutes drying time between each coat

cut paper

4. Once the clear paint is dry, cut the decal paper in the size you like

5. Prepare the surface of the item you are placing the design: Clean the surface of a jar, bottle, or whatever you are putting the design. I’m using a plastic pump bottle this time. The cleaner the surface the better the result!

waterslide decal

6. Dip your design on Waterslide Decal Paper in cold water for 30 second. (Your decal paper may have a different instruction. Please check) It will curl but that’s fine.

7. Remove the backing paper: Take out the decal paper, and you should be able to slide the backing paper now. Do not remove completely!

waterslide decal paper

8. Place the design sheet onto a bottle: Place an edge of transparent sheet onto the surface of a bottle, and slowly remove the backing paper. At this point, you can still move the design sheet to where you like

9. When you are happy with the position of the design, use kitchen paper towel to gently remove excess water and remove air trapped between the design sheet and the bottle surface

custom shampoo bottle
10. You can leave them for 3 days and the design will be permanent. You could use a brow dryer to secure the design a little quicker. The instruction came with your decal paper may suggest baking in an oven to cure the image. Please remember, you should not use a food oven in your kitchen to bake craft items because of chemicals. If you had an oven for crafting, you can bake it if the material is heat resistant.
dry decal


Hope you find decorating re-usable items interesting. May be you can try a custom mag cup for a gift.

mug cup gift

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