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Do you know exactly what kind of accommodation you want or need for your next trip? Unless you have already done similar trips, it is hard to know what the best. Other travelers’ opinions and reviews may be not good enough to know if you are going to have the value and experience you want. Because people won’t notice everything about the room and services, but they will tell you only what they remember the most. Instead, be clear about what you need, what you want, and what price you are willing to pay, then look for the best match.



Have Hotels Changed?

As you may know, Airbnb created a new type of short rental option. Accommodations on Airbnb used to be so much cheaper than hotels and this price difference alone made the hotel industry improve their offer. There were major differences between hotels and Airbnb accommodations. These may still apply in many cases, but let’s have a look at what the majority of people say.

Price – When including cleaning and other fees to the price per night, Airbnb is not always cheaper than hotels. Depending on the date and place, even 5-star hotels can be cheaper than equivalent accommodations on Airbnb. We strongly recommend you check both each time.

Kitchen and extra space – Newer hotels offer a range of different types. Many include self-contained apartment styles that have a kitchen, balcony, and living/dining area.

Unique locations and style – You probably won’t find treehouses, tents, or tiny houses. But you could find some boutique hotels offering unique styles.



What Can You Get Only At Hotels?

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What can hotels offer you that Airbnb doesn’t? While most Airbnb accommodations are privately owned spaces run by individual hosts or a small property management agency, hotels are a real business. For example, hotels go through a whole different process to meet the cleaning standards set by regulations and certifications. Airbnb provides guidance to hosts but the execution is left to individuals.

  • You have 24/7 customer support available. While Airbnb hosts have a limited number of people, hotels have a large team.
  • Better security and safety.
  • If hotels had any reason to cancel your reservation, they will find an alternative solution and do all the necessary work for you.
  • All services such as cleaning and laundry are included in the price. There are also convenient options you can top up.
  • You have access to amenities such as a pool, gym, lounge rooms, restaurants, and shops.
  • Free pick up and drop off service between major transports and tours.
  • Rewards and membership benefits
  • Hotels may not be so special in a rare location, but you can expect reliable and quality services.



Is Airbnb For Your Trip?

Airbnb wants to tell you “don’t visit, live there”. This gives you a very good idea of what kind of experience you should be looking for. Hosts also expect you to treat their place like your temporary home. Therefore, Airbnb is for you when…

  • Staying for a long period: Because of cleaning and other fees, the total price may not be so different from hotels. Also, you need to expect extra time for doing things yourself, cooking, washing, cleaning, etc.
  • Unique experience: You have much more options to choose from, farms, cabins, entire houses, vineyards, castles, and more.
  • Your schedule is flexible: You will not need a kitchen and extra space if you spend time mostly outside. When your schedule is tight, you may not have time for dishes and laundry.
  • You are interested in local culture: Shopping locally, cooking yourself, and walking around will let you discover more about the locals. If this is what you want, Airbnb may be great.

There are many properties managed by a property management agency and you may not meet the host at all. But you may find a perfect house with a great host at a perfect location for your trip.



What Do You Need To Be Careful About Airbnb?

tiny house
  • Because all hosts are just normal people looking after their property, they care about their place. Every host is different, and every place has its house rule. This means you stayed and treated the house exactly as same as another, and you may get an unhappy host.
  • When you calculate the cost, don’t forget to include extras such as Airbnb fees, cleaning fees, tax, parking space, transportation from the airport, breakfast, etc.
  • The images on the property listing may not present the real. You could research the property outside Airbnb. It is important to be aware that anyone can list a property on Airbnb without a background check of the host, the safety of the building or the rental is legal.
  • There are no health and safety checks on Airbnb accommodations. There may or may not be fire alarms, escape plans, etc.
  • Be aware that Airbnb accommodations are considered private property and you and your possessions are not insured.
  • In some places where the response to Airbnb from the locals is overwhelmingly negative, you may experience hostile attitudes from residents. Do your research.
  • The most important thing is cancellation from the host. Can Airbnb host cancel a reservation? Yes, they can cancel “Instant Book” reservations online 3 times a year. If your reservation gets canceled, you should get a refund. However, you need to contact Airbnb for assistance to find a comparable listing if the cancellation happens within 30 days of check-in.




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