What Camping Looks Like in 2022

Beginners’ Guide to Start



Have you noticed more and more people are joining camping activities recently? This growing interest in camping and RVing is not entirely pandemic-related, but it COVID-19 outbreak pushed numbers skyrocketing. Camping is self-contained, outdoors, and socially distant by nature, a winning option for pandemic travel. And this on-the-go lifestyle is not a temporary reaction, but one step toward a new normal which living and traveling are one and the same.


The purpose of campers used to be “I want to disconnect from work life and have quiet time in nature.” However, it has been moving to “I want this camping/RV to be an extension of my office.” The ability to live anywhere is now part of the future of travel. In fact, there are people working from campsites and good internet connection is one of the most important factors when selecting a campground.


If you have you been thinking about camping, but feel not ready to try yet, there is some good news. We now have technologies and services to make our camping experience easier.




Glamping is a luxury version of camping, involving accommodation and facilities. This is a great way to experience nature all year long in gear-free, weather-proof way. Some hotels are also offering glamping areas for their guests to feel the surroundings of nature, coupled with the resorts’ array of luxury services.

There are different types of Glamping:

  • Normal: Usually, you will have a bed, breakfast, electricity, and communal bathroom
  • City: Some people offer their rooftop in the major cities for you to stay
  • Experience-based: There are providers offering package deals for unique overnight adventures

If you want to go camping without preparing all gears and worried about water and electricity, this is the choice for you.


RV Trends in 2022

Financing to buy the first camping van has become much easier. You can also rent a van if you need it only a couple of times a year. There are RV owners who are willing to rent. Overall, camping vehicles are compact nowadays and they can be used as a family car as well.

  • The size of RV is becoming smaller that gives the ability to be used for everyday transport. However, contemporary RVs have limit how much they can carry.
  • There are electric RVs more in the market
  • Compact vehicles with mobile camping gear are also a good option to look at


Trending Gears

  • GPS trackers: Install it in your RV and you can track where it is
  • RV/Caravan Wi-Fi
  • Mosquito resellers: rechargeable portable device
  • Fully disposable meals
  • Solar-powered compact grills and lanterns
  • Portable power station with solar charging
  • Solar powered shower: fill water and leave it under the sun light, then you can have warm shower
  • Pre-cooked all-natural meals and nutritional bars
  • Portable espresso maker
  • Multi-functional drinking water bottle: Re-usable water bottle with some distinct spray settings. It is handy for washing dishes, cleaning hands, and splash water on your face to cool down.
  • Tree tent: You can comfortably rest in a tent off the ground.



  • Because of the demands from new generation, more structured group activities are offered by the campsite or service provider
  • Many campsites have sporting facilities and rentals
  • Star gazing: You will be able to enjoy it as long as the sky is clear, and you are far enough from city lights
  • Hiking, kayaking, bike riding, and swimming are poplar activities


Finding A Campsite


Thanks for the booking platforms such as Booking.com and hipcamp.com, it is easy to collect information quickly. Before booking a site, make sure to check…

  • Do you bring your own tent or book a lodge?
  • What is the size of parking area? Is it big enough for your RV?
  • Is there water connection or is closer to water resources?
  • Is pet allowed?
  • Is there any restriction for campfire?
  • What amenities (toilet, shower, Wi-Fi, rubbish bin, table & chair) are available?
  • Is there electricity connection or a generator allowed?
  • Check in and check out time
  • Is cancellation possible?
  • What activities can you do?


Finding a good sport for your tent

To avoid waking up every hour in a tent, check the followings to pick a good spot to set up a tent.

  • Away from danger zones and hazards such as rock-slides and flash floods.
  • Off-trail and away from other campers
  • Avoid camping near lone trees, mountaintops, and other likely lightning targets
  • Away from animal trails, nests, or habitats
  • Not at the bottom of a canyon or valley, where the air is coldest and humid
  • Far from insect breeding grounds like stagnant water, ponds, or swamps
  • Close to firewood and water, such as a river or stream
  • Level ground that has natural drainage
  • Next to bushes to block afternoon sun light and strong wind
  • Try laying down the ground and see how you feel for sleeping


What to do when it’s raining?

Weather can change very quickly. Pack rain gear, warm clothing, waterproof shoes, and a safe heating equipment. If you are taking your own tent, make sure it is waterproof!

Here’s the checklist for rain

  • Tarpaulins x 2
  • Rope
  • Aluminum poles/hiking pole x 2
  • Rain jackets/ponchos
  • Umbrella
  • Waterproof pants
  • Quick dry clothing
  • Warm clothing
  • Spare socks
  • Waterproof bags
  • Waterproof storage for electronic equipment
  • Quick dry towels
  • Compact board game/cards
  • Portable Bluetooth speaker


Camping may be still a bit challenging because you feel uncomfortable with having no shower and cooking outdoor. But, it is rewarding and has many physical and mental benefits. Physical activities outdoor will help you reduce stress and sleep better. You will feel connection to nature and your loved ones. So, start with the easiest options and give it a try.

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