Why Creativity Matters, and Why Create with Us?


What is creativity?

You can buy everything you need from stores, and creativity is not necessary for surviving. But, have you ever felt you are no more than consuming daily obligations and duties? Every day is same and boring? 

Engaging in creativity is essential in your life because it brings a joy. 

Why do you put an effort to decorate your kid's birthday cake? Because it makes the day special with positive feelings. 

Creative activity is not only for kids, and it is not only about crafts and arts. It is for every human and it is more about ways to find and express what's inside you. You may find dancing, playing sports, gardening, cooking, or talking in your head is the best way to freely express yourself. 


Why You Should Use Your Creativity?

The myth about creativity is "there are creative people and others are not". The truth is "there are people who use their creativity and other don't use as much". Because creating something your own is not that simple, many of us try avoiding it unconsciously. There will be a lot of times you get unexpected outcome, feel embarrassing, messed up and failed, and find it difficult during the activity. 

Creative activities demand you to be imperfect and brave. When you accept being different from others and unknown results, ultimately this is the thing to make your everyday special. It will give you simple joy and pleasure that is important in your happy life.

If you have kids, you are a model and teaching how to celebrate their uniqueness and express themselves. 


Why We Made Bubble Doh?

I've spoken to many mothers and they say

"I know I should spend more time to play with my kids but I don't enjoy kids activities."

"I actually like crafting or making my own things, but it is low priority and usually don't get a time to do. We can use the soaps to wash hands, but probably not body and hair because of the quality."

"My kid and I tried and liked making soaps, but it needs heating and tools. It could be messy too."

"Making Bath bombs are easy and fan. But, there aren't mush shapes you can choose. And, we don't fill up a bath tab very often."

To solve those problems:

Both adults and kids and enjoy making gentle whole body cleansing bar together. Our Bubble Doh is easy to shape by hands and you have endless color/design options. No heating or no special tools required. You just need to wait for 3 days to air dry your cleansing bar. 


Our Bubble Doh is....     

Australian Made

We are partnered with local businesses to source and prepare our ingredients go into your cleansing bars. We are fortunate to have such friendly hard-working people to work with.  

Natural and Organic Ingredients

Natural ingredients usually contains many beneficial nutrients for our body and they are very effective. 

Even though natural and organic ingredients cost more, we consider it as investment for our future. By switching to natural and organic options, we are supporting businesses and farmers making those ingredients. 

Did you know organic farming systems leach no toxic chemicals into waterways, use 45% less energy, release 40% fewer carbon emissions, and more...

This means we can enjoy healthy food without worrying about chemicals. We can help slow down global warming and secure food and clean water to our children.  

Product Safety

We constantly research about new ingredients and work hard to optimize our formula. We are aware that many new ingredients (especially natural ones) become popular before there is enough testing data showing the safeness. We take extra steps to make sure the ingredient is safe and has benefits we want with scientific data. 

We put your safety first while we enjoy creating new designs.  


Did you know the beauty industry is not only about our beauty but also a lot to do with our ecosystems?
We are always working on:

  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Reusable plastic bottles and jars
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water source depletion
  • Biodegradable ingredients 

You switch from liquid products to solid cleansing bar means...

  • Reducing plastic bottles end in the ocean or landfill - "Biodegradable plastic bottles" still require special facilities to break them into natural compounds. Otherwise, they still take 450 years to decompose. There are no better solutions than "no extra plastic bottles".
  • Reducing water consumption and wastewater - Cosmetic product production process requires tons of water, for cleaning machines and processing ingredients. Also, recycling wastewater with grease and chemicals has been pushed to manufacturers.

Be a part of the solution to our environment

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