Holiday Inspiration and Ideas – Many Different Ways to Enjoy Your Vacation


The time goes so quickly during a holiday, isn’t it? We are busy every day and forget about planning what to do in a holiday…  There are a lot to prepare than you think, and it is always better to plan it ahead.

Travel Planning Guide


Remember, wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, what you are really after is experience. There are many things to plan for a holiday such as locations, events, activities, foods, etc. It is important to focus on your priorities so that you don’t get lost. Then, arrange other things to fit in your plan. For example, if what you want is a luxurious relaxation in a beachside spa resort, you could find a perfect place close to your home rather than traveling a long distance to another country. You will have more time to relax and less expense for traveling.

Travel plan


Here’re some ideas and inspiration for you to find the EXPERIENCE

  1. Staycation & City Break – Holiday at Hometown
  2. Camping
  3. Road Trip
  4. Education Trip
  5. Beach Holiday
  6. Culture Holiday
  7. Mountains and Trekking
  8. Wildlife & Safaris
  9. Rail Travel



    1. Staycation & City Break – Holiday at Hometown

    This is the cheapest option, and you can do in 2-3 days. Turn your home into a hotel and have a tour in your local town.

        • Preparation: Schedule days, shopping for food and items you need, plan activities, prepare food and store it in a fridge or a freezer
        • Make your home a hotel: Make a bed pretty, place the best bath products and accessories, add more options for breakfast (such as fruit, yoghurt, bagels, etc), Place some fresh flowers and magazines on a coffee table, movie & dinner
        • Have a tour in your hometown: There will be still a lot of places or shops you haven’t been in your hometown. This is the perfect opportunity to take a time to explorer.
        • Mini adventure: Stay in a tent in your backyard for star grazing, BBQ in a park, public transport tour

      2. Camping

      This is one of good family holiday options. If you want to connect with nature, this is probably the easiest option. Camping trend and Beginner's Guide Camping also has great benefits.

          • Develop problem solving skills: You will be challenged to do everyday routine in a different way and will find new things to do. These challenges are especially great for children’s education.
          • Sleep better: Less artificial light can reset your biological clocks and help to have adequate sleep
          • Exercise: Walking, cycling, kayaking, all those activities will improve your physical and mental health

       3. Road Trip

      road trip

      This is one of the most flexible vacations especially while there is a travel restriction. You will still need to prepare in advance to have safe and smooth rides.

          • Estimate the realistic time required to travel
          • Keep drive time lower
          • Book accommodations or campsites early
          • Take your car in for a service and prepare for a trip
          • Expect not to have internet connection at some places


      4. Education Trip

      Why don’t you have a holiday while you are attending a conference or a live event? Educational tours are not only for school students. Find a class or workshop in the place you want to visit and extend your stay to have both learning and vacation. Examples of workshops and events are Art & Craft workshop, Cooking classes, Sports lessons, Business conferences, Industry exhibitions, etc.


      5. Beach Holiday

      One of the all-time most popular places for a vacation is beach. Beaches have a special healing power and a way of renewing our perspectives. The sound of water, feeling of sands, expansive view…you can imagine.

      You can add some activities to tailor your beach stay experience:

          • Boat trip and exploring marine life
          • Diving and snorkeling
          • Staying at a luxury villa on the beach
          • Spa and Yoga sessions


      6. Culture Holiday


      Culture holiday is not only about visiting historical places and local festivals. If you connect deeper with people and local culture, this is where you can expand your current believe and values. Even in the same country you live, you may find interesting culture in other cities. 

          • Stay at a holiday home served by a local family
          • Try local food
          • Take a time to walk through local towns
          • Join local projects or volunteer activities


      7. Mountains and Trekking

      Getting out on foot is one of the most rewarding ways to explore the world. There are many benefits:

          • Experience the rich flora and fauna
          • The cardiovascular workout improves your fitness and strengthen lungs and heart
          • The connection with nature will reduce the stress
          • Improve your mood, focus, and productivity


      8. Wildlife & Safaris

      You will need a guide or join a tour for this type of holiday. African Safari is the most popular place, but there are many other places to explorer wildlife in almost every country. Some examples are:

          • Antarctica expedition with a small ship
          • Explorer polar bears
          • Bengal tiger and other 700 species in India
          • Swim with killer whales in Norway
          • Diving with blue whales in Sri Lanka


      9. Rail Travel

      Although air travel is faster, travelling by train gives you the opportunity to see much more of a destination and in some cases traverse continents and stunning scenery from the comfort of your seat. You will also reduce your carbon footprint a lot by travelling by train. If you are traveling medium distance, look for a good train service. There are fully escorted rail holidays in many countries as well.


      When you are ready to start planning your holiday, follow the step-by-step guide with free planner tools to putting your ideas together.

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