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Because return shipping creates extra carbon emissions, you don't need to return products to us if the order was under AU$15. We will happily refund the price of our products. Just let us know why you were unhappy within 30 days so we can serve you better next time.

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Naturally beautiful hair in 1 wash

What if you can have shiny bouncy silky healthy hair for days in 1 wash with 1 tiny tablet?

Hydrating shampoo works as a 2-in-1 shampoo for balanced to oily hair and is safe for young children.

Massage your hair with Deep Conditioner for complete hair care.

We make Shower Balls, you make the difference


1% for the Planet

Multi Purpose

Handy for outdoors

  • You can use Body Wash tablets for dishwashing and laundry
  • Shampoo tablets are suitable for laundry. Not recommended for dishwashing
  • Conditioner tablets can be used for shaving

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